Grants News: Our latest nature regeneration projects across the highlands & islands

We’re excited to announce the latest grants awarded this month by the Highlands & Islands Environment Foundation (HIEF), to the following grassroots projects protecting and restoring nature:

  • Knapdale water vole project – an exciting project piggy-backing the release of this keystone riparian species into habitat recreated by the successful reintroduction of beavers.
  • Friends of Loch Hourn data gathering project – applying modern data gathering methods to develop an accurate model to evaluate the link between sea lice distribution & the open net salmon farm in the loch.
  • Blue Hope Alliance project officer – supporting fishermen, divers, boat owners, anglers, scientists & members of the various local communities as they work together to protect & strengthen the Wester Ross Marine Protected Area (MPA).
  • Cairngorm Cranes, development project – assessing the prospects of reintroducing this iconic bird to the Cairngorms.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us, whether financially, or by sharing their time and expertise to help us to identify the projects that will bring about the greatest gains for nature throughout the highlands & islands.

In the eight months since our launch in October 2020, the HIEF has supported a total of 12 Nature-based Solutions to help to address the climate and nature emergencies, awarding more than £115,000 of grants.

However, the need for grants to regenerate nature greatly outweighs the funding we have.  We would welcome any support that enables us to fund more transformative projects.

If you’d like to give back to nature, you can make a donation or get in touch to support us in other ways.

Meanwhile, if you know of a nature regeneration project that could benefit from a HIEF grant, our application form is here.

Thank you for your invaluable support.