Grant Criteria Overview

    • Proposals should be concise, making a clear and compelling case for support including how you intend to measure the impact and long-term benefit of your project.
    • The organisation and project lead must evidence strong and effective leadership and a meaningful connection to the project.
    • Sustainability / nature regeneration must be a key outcome of the project.
    • The project must demonstrate positive community, local, or national impact and support.
    • Projects that are innovative with the potential to be replicated or to inform action elsewhere are especially welcomed. As are projects that benefit the local economy.

    Deadline for submission: 9am on Monday 13th June 2022.

    A. Contact Information
    B. Project Background
    Max 500 words
    Max 500 words
    Your plan & what activities you will use to deliver your project. A chronological description of the operations of your proposed project would be adequate. Max 750 words
    How will it help in the longer term? Max 500 words
    e.g. Share knowledge, pilot new approach, scale up previous pilot project, etc. Max 500 words
    The first report is usually submitted within one month of the start of the project; subsequent reports will depend on the scope of the project
    C. Qualifications
    Why are the project lead & organisation suitable to manage & deliver your project. Note all relevant experience, skills, charity number/company registration number, etc. Max 500 words
    D. Project Information
    Total costs including VAT, contingency funds, etc.
    5. Where is your project based?* Please select one
    6. What habitat/area of concern does your project tackle?* Please select one
    E. Additional files (if required)
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    • I confirm that all the information in this application is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I agree that you can check the information in it and any supporting documents with other people and organisations if required.
    • My organisation has the power to accept a grant, under your terms, and the power to pay back the grant if the terms are not being met.
    • I understand that any misleading statements (whether deliberate or accidental) I give at any point during the application process, or any information I knowingly withhold, could mean my organisation’s application is not valid, in which case you will cancel the grant and claim back the money we have received, stop assessing and return the application, or withdraw any grant you offered my organisation.
    • I am authorised to put forward this application on behalf of my organisation.
    • On behalf of my organisation, I agree that if we receive any grant from you for our project, we will keep to the standard terms of grant and any further terms and conditions set out in the grant notification letter.

    If you have any questions please contact:

    Sally McNaught
    Tel: +44 7941 851 589

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