Wester Ross native oyster restoration

£15,000 awarded

Native oysters are vital for healthy inshore biodiversity.  Once common, human predation, pollution & disease have led to a 95% decline across Europe.  Seawilding has already piloted successful native oyster reintroductions in Loch Craignish & Lochaline (£7,000 HIEF grant in October 2020).  This grant will contribute towards the costs of establishing a native oyster nursery at the head of Loch Broom to cultivate 100,000 native oysters a year for 3 years to regenerate the depleted oyster beds in Loch Broom, Little Loch Broom and Old Dornie, Achiltibuie.  As well as the clear environmental benefits this will bring, this project will help to empower the local communities, creating a pool of trained & committed practitioners & advocates with a vested interest in championing marine conservation in their area.  It will also highlight the strength of feeling & dedication of many within these local communities to the protection & stewardship of the in-shore marine habitat at a time when there is considerable pressure on government to reinstate something like the former three-mile limit (within which no mobile fishing was permitted) to enable these areas to regenerate.