Coastal Ranger service – extension

£14,373 awarded

In keeping with their mission – to limit the impact of plastic pollution on the environment – Plastics@Bay used their previous HIEF grant (£14,760 in March 2021), to employ a beach ranger on a 6-month contract to collect & analyse plastic pollution from 40km of beaches in & around Durness, north west highlands.  The beach ranger also delivers public outreach, via regular public beach cleans & schools’ activities.  Based on the success of the last 6 months, & knowing that the winter months with their associated storms, etc generate considerably more plastic pollution, Plastics@Bay applied to extend the beach ranger post for a further 6 months.  As public outreach is less during the dark winter months, they plan to strengthen local networks by sharing knowledge & best practice through the organisation of the 1st online beach cleaning conference in the area.  Having a dedicated beach ranger would additionally free up more of Plastic@Bay’s time to continue to develop low tech ways to recycle & reuse ocean plastic.  This grant covers a 6 months extension to the beach ranger post, including on-going training costs, & a contribution towards the costs of the online beach cleaning conference.