Restoring nature at Ardura Community Forest – Mull & Iona Community Trust

£11,915 awarded

Based on the results of the biodiversity surveys completed to date, this project begins the implementation of the first phase of the biodiversity action plan (part HIEF funded, July 2022, £7,500).

Specifically, it will tackle the challenges of invasive non-native species (INNS) (Sitka & rhododendron ponticum) & deer browsing impact on remnant temperate rainforest woodland regeneration.

Volunteers will be trained in various removal techniques for the INNS & trial creating deadwood habitat & other techniques to age trees to create more complex eco-systems within the forest.  Seeds & cuttings will be collected to boost future regeneration work & tree shelters will be used to provide targeted tree protection from deer browsing where fencing is not an option due to land ownership & geological features.

This grant will cover the staff, volunteer & equipment costs for the INNS removal work, seed & cuttings collections & creation of tree shelters.