Glenelg peninsula marine biodiversity mapping & outreach project: Arnisdale & Loch Hourn Community Association

£7,600 awarded

This project aims to map the marine biodiversity of the Glenelg peninsula using citizen science &, at the same time, raise awareness locally about the diversity of the habitat & urgent need to protect it.

Working in partnership with the local youth club; other local groups & relevant experts, local volunteers will be trained in biodiversity surveying & recording techniques to collect baseline data to inform future restoration plans.

Workshops will cover various data recording methodologies, including photography, with the data collected shared with iNaturalist & other online identification resources.  The workshops will also include guided walks, to put the theory into practice, during which plastic waste will be collected & logged.

Three of the six interactive workshops will be championed by the youth club & there will be a photographic competition & exhibition at the end of the project.

This grant will cover the costs of experts & equipment needed for three workshops (the other three are covered by the Youth Club).