Wildfish: Increasing Smartrivers coverage in Scotland

£15,000 awarded

Smartrivers is a programme of citizen science sampling & data collection measuring the pressures on rivers from pollution, climate change & over-abstraction.  The data is used to analyse river health & as a basis for campaigning for better protection.  Figures from the Water Framework Directive show 47% of Scottish rivers are failing their ecological targets.  The Smartrivers programme is well established & the data it gathers is viewed as scientifically robust, however, it currently only covers 6 rivers in Scotland.  This project will collaborate with the Buglife River Guardians programme, which HIEF supported in June 2022, & aims to create 3 new Smartriver hubs in the highlands.  Each hub will be sampled in the spring & again in the autumn to establish the baseline for future survey work, with samples taken from 5 sites at each hub.  This grant is towards the professional costs & some core costs of the expansion of the programme which will be carried out in 2023 before the hubs to go live in 2024.

This project is co-funded by the Fishmongers Company.