Seagrass germination pilot programme

£15,000 awarded

SeaWilding has pioneered community-led, highly cost-effective marine restoration projects in several areas with great success.  Although it covers just 1% of the seabed, seagrass meadows account for 15% of ocean carbon storage.  Sadly though, it is estimated that 95% of seagrass meadows have been lost as a result of mechanical disturbance, poor water quality & disease.  SeaWilding & their community volunteers have already planted 350,000 harvested seeds in hessian bags on the seabed creating approx. ¾ acre of ‘new’ seagrass meadow.  This grant is to help to establish a pilot programme for seagrass seed germination to identify best practice with a view to scaling up existing capacity.  The programme will trial closed & open, natural & artificial sea water tanks on land with different substrates.  Germination rates & the success of the seedlings once planted out will be analysed with results shared both nationally (SAMS is a partner) & internationally (SeaWilding already links in with pan-European seagrass partners).