North Ronaldsay Beach Plastic Recycling Warden

£15,000 awarded

North Ronaldsay is a small Orcadian island with miles of coastline which collects significant volumes of ocean plastic.  Conscious of the ever-increasing impact of marine plastic waste, a successful volunteer beach clean group has been established.  However, the only way to dispose of the plastic thus collected is to ship it off to Shetland to be burned, generating an increased carbon footprint as well as releasing toxins into the atmosphere.  To combat this, & at the same time provide some much-needed green employment on the island, a group of enthusiastic islanders has established a community interest company & successfully secured start-up capital funding to begin to create a local plastics recycling facility to provide a more environmentally responsible way to recycle the marine plastic into useful objects (including coasters, fence posts, plant pots & bricks) as well as to provide a plastic recycling service to local businesses – the latter as a paid-for service to generate income for the long-term viability of the project.  This grant is to employ someone in a joint plastics ranger/facility technician role to get the scheme up & running.  It is hoped the post holder will create educational resources & run local workshops to encourage greater awareness & boost recycling further, as well as begin to develop eco-tourist workshops for additional income-generation to ensure the longevity of the programme.