CAOLAS – Morvern biodiversity restoration action plan- baseline survey

£15,000 awarded

CAOLAS was founded in 2016 & has already successfully delivered a HIEF funded project (Lochaline native oyster restoration, Oct 2020).  They are now seeking to expand their footprint of active projects within Morvern through the identification of new sites for potential native oyster &/or sea grass restoration.

Both these marine species are recognised as habitat engineers (improving water quality through filtration; securing sediment; creating nursery areas for juvenile fish; sequestering carbon) but both are now fragmented & cover a fraction of their former areas.

This project will use drones, site surveys (both intertidal & diver-led) & eDNA (environmental DNA) sampling combined with desk-based research to produce baseline biodiversity surveys to identify the best locations for restoration work.  The baseline surveys will then underpin action plans for short/medium/long term action plans to restore both species & these in turn will be used to apply for the necessary funding.

This grant is towards the cost of the baseline surveys.